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Smoked Hickory BBQ Sauce

Our Smoked Hickory BBQ Sauce has been a huge hit! The intensely smokey, sweet sauce is unlike standard commercial BBQ sauces. Not just for the grill! GLUTEN FREE!

Ingredients: ketchup, brown sugar, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce (soy, fish), mustard powder, balsamic vinegar (sulphites), cider vinegar


Yippee Ki Yay South Carolina Style Beer BBQ Sauce

A tangy and sweet mustard-based BBQ sauce made with Picaroon's Yippee IPA (craft brew). A perfect addition to pork, poultry, stir fry, wings, ribs, and more!

Ingredients: beer (gluten), cider vinegar, vinegar, water, mustard powder, arrowroot, turmeric, brown sugar, salt


Spicy Mesquite BBQ Sauce

Like our Hickory Smoked BBQ, Spicy Mesquite comes with a great hit of smoke and sweet to start but is followed by heat that builds to a comfortable level before tapering back off for the next bite! Not just for the grill! GLUTEN FREE!

Ingredients: ketchup, brown sugar, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce (soy, fish), mustard powder, chilli peppers, cayenne pepper  balsamic vinegar (sulphites), apple cider vinegar


Hog Sauce: Apple Stout BBQ

This semi-sweet BBQ sauce is truly Atlantic Canadian: Picaroons Timberhog Stout, Crosby's Molasses, Down East Coffee, Boates Apple Cider Vinegar and Coburn's and Belliveau Apple Cider come together for something quite unique!

Ingredients: ketchup (tomato paste, glucose-fructose, white vinegar, water, salt, spices), beer (gluten), apple cider, molasses, cider vinegar, coffee, cocoa, arrowroot, water, salt


Traditional Corn Relish

Sweet and sour pickled corn. Great addition to tuna or green salads, eggs, rice and more!

Ingredients: corn, sugar, vinegar, green peppers, red peppers, onions, cucumbers, mustard powder, turmeric, celery seeds, vinegar, salt


Primal Hot Mustard

Our Primal Hot Mustard will surprise you with a strong flavor and texture. Whole grain brown mustard seeds lend a heat reminiscent of horseradish  while the pine nuts and almonds create a grainy texture and nutty sweetness.

Ingredients: mustard seeds, water, pine nuts, almonds, red wine vinegar (sulphites), salt



Honey Mustard

The brown and black mustard seeds used in our honey mustard lend a spicy punch to balance the sweetness of pure, local honey. If you like it sweet with a little heat, our honey mustard is for you!

Ingredients: honey,  mustard powder, mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt



Maple Mustard

Yellow-style mustard with a complexity that will surprise you! The sweetness of maple sugar and maple syrup are balanced by white wine and wine vinegar.

Ingredients: yellow mustard powder, Briggs Maple Syrup, white wine vinegar (sulphites), white wine (sulphites), Briggs Maple Sugar, salt



Festive Beer Mustard

A mild to medium yellow tangy mustard with a hit of Picaroon's Dark and Stormy Night (craft brew) to finish. It tastes like beer! Great with sausage, hot dogs, burgers and more!

Ingredients: beer (gluten), mustard seeds, malt vinegar, brown sugar, water, mustard powder