Chickadee Larder Gourmet Condiments began as a small farmers' market hobby business with the goal of providing allergen-sensitive products that would contribute to quick meals and flavourful staples for the gourmet.

After a long journey, we now have several participating retailers across Atlantic Canada.

Chickadee Larder is committed to ensuring quality, handcrafted condiments that inspire. Whether you thrive in the kitchen, or need a little inspiration, Chickadee Larder condiments are both cooking staples and great gifts!

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Flying Free: Clean and Allergen-Sensitive Living with Chickadee Larder

We specialize in allergen sensitive production

Including gluten, dairy, soy, mustard, nuts, sulphites
We are a peanut and sesame-free facility

At Chickadee Larder Gourmet Condiments we like to

Think Outside the Jar

when it comes to how we approach every aspect of our business

Be Green ~ We aim to limit our footprint as much as possible: ask us how!

Be Creative Mustards aren't just for sandwiches, jelly isn't just for toast and BBQ sauce isn't limited to the grill: we challenge the typical uses of condiments to help give you more options and convenient, healthful meals

Be Aware ~ We are always learning about our customers' needs, the growing list of common allergens, and about how we can do our best to serve our community and our consumers. We also place great value in quality assurance and, so, are committed to small-batch production with a keen awareness of allergen cross-contamination

Buy Local First ~ As a core value of our business, we seek to purchase goods and services from local and independent businesses first, beginning with our own community/province and extending into Canada. We are committed to supporting other local businesses and the community.

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